Day 217, Do I go right or left..

Studies have been done, and I’m sure we have all read about it, that most people turn to the right when they enter the grocery store. How about you? Yesterday when I went for my walk in the park, I got out of my car and turned right and walked for half of the time I had to walk then turned around and walked back. Today I did the unthinkable. Yes, it was nice again today and I went out for another walk during my lunch hour. This time I got out of my van (in the same parking spot) and walked.. left. I did it! Not really such a big deal, but sometimes it seems like life is all the same, maybe turning to the left once and awhile is not a bad idea.

This morning I walked out to the car to go drive to work. Same deal as every (almost every) work day. When I got out to the car I noticed the trash can out at the curb for garbage pickup. This reminded me that the can in the kitchen was pretty full and if I left the can in the house, the trash would sit outside for another week. I got out of my car and turned (to the right) and there over the house was a rainbow. Hmmm, pretty nice way to start the day. The rainbow gave me hope that the day would be ok. And the underlying Catholic guilt of “and why do you deserve a nice day?” 

Today went ok. I had two phone calls in the car before I got to the office. That never happens. Then the phone, email and IM was jumping for the first hour. Things settled down. I got all of my end of the month projects completed. I still have a few unknown things hanging over my head. They will all get to have a day off tomorrow since I am scheduled with one customer all day. Sorry Charlie, you will have to wait until Friday.

Children, nothing new to report. My DW said to mention tonight that things were back to normal this evening. I came home from work, there was my drink, my fuzzy slippers, my robe and my pipe all waiting for me. Not really. She did beat me home from work and had dinner ready when I got there. Some times I forget that she reads this everyday. 


Pictures again tonight come from the first week of my FLorida adventure.  Enjoy!