Day 216, Enjoying cooking dinner on a worknight..

The usual order of things here in New Jersey (for at least the last 9 years) has been that I come home from work between 5:35 and 5:50 (sometimes later) depending on the traffic. My DW will have gotten home an hour plus (usually) sooner than me. She will have made dinner and gotten the table ready for my arrival. Then I change out of my work clothes, call the kids and we eat dinner. Tonight was a different story altogether.

My DW is on call at the hospital this week. She has her first college paper due next week. She is stressed for sure. Today she let me know that she would be stuck late at work. I texted DS1 to see what he was doing since I was cooking dinner. He was working until 7 pm and said that he would provide for himself. As I drove down the GSP I thought about what we had in the house that I could make for dinner. I could order in, eat out or cook. I like to cook, so cooking was tonight’s choice.

Sunday night we had filet mignon with crabmeat covered with Hollandaise sauce. There was about 4/5 of a can of crabmeat left. The crab meat will last forever in the unopened can. Once you open it you have a few days to eat it. I made crab cakes out of the leftover crabmeat. We had 2.5 dozen eggs so I made deviled eggs. I was unsure if the crab cakes would be enough so I defrosted 10 ten shrimp and butterflied them They got dipped in egg, then panko, then pan-fried along with the crab cakes. A simple salad and a bottle Pinot Grigio rounded out the meal. Start to table in 45 minutes. Bammm!

The Scranton children were quiet today. DS1 as I mentioned above worked and went to the gym. He has class again on Thursday (I think). My DW had a very long day so her school work got the night off. Hopefully she will get a better nights sleep tonight. Or, I might be up making her breakfast at 2 am.  Work for me was still busy. Tomorrow is the first of the month and I have several accounts that have end of the month needs. That will take up most of the morning. I have a big project scheduled for Thursday. The rest of Wednesday (excluding putting out fires) will be trying to figure out what a customer did to unbalance their books.  Needle in a haystack time.

I’m off to watch the news (or something). Tonight’s picture comes from my first week in Florida. This is the view from my room. And on another note, I walked 3 miles today at lunch time at Allaire State Park. It was nice and warm.


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  1. Christina
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 11:14:09

    Love the pics!
    Best to Sue – please give her a pat on the back – I know she can do it!


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