Day 210, Back on vacation..

I decided today to take an extra vacation day this week. I was scheduled to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. After the last two days I figured that while I was in Florida I should get out and enjoy the world. I am off tomorrow and Friday. I fly home on Saturday. The weather at home has been mild during my visit. I almost feel cheated since it is warm here and there. It is supposed to be cold, lots of snow, really bad up north while I get to enjoy the incredible weather. On the other hand, I am glad the temperatures in NJ have been mild since this reduces the heating bill.

Today was like yesterday. Sunny and warm. I worked from my room again. I walked to the grocery store for a lunch time sandwich. Down below is a picture of the shopping center where I ate my lunch. It was not as picturesque as the day we spent on the beach in Hollywood Beach, but there were still palm trees in the picture.

My DW went to work today. Her co-workers commented on her tan and well rested appearance. She spent a few hours again today working on her college work. DS1 had his first class the other day. He stuck out in the class since he has four plus years of college under his belt and most of the other students are fresh out of high school. DS2 gave blood today. He also is looking into a Music Therapy field trip to India between the fall and spring semesters next year. DS3 has started packing and getting ready to go back to school on Sunday.

Have a good night!


Lunch time vista

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