Day 209, Return of the bachelor pad..

This morning I dropped my DW off at the Fort Lauderdale airport. She had a 9:25 am flight back to Philadelphia.  I am here in Florida until 5:50 pm Saturday night. Hence, the Return of the Bachelor Pad. Things haven’t changed one bit from when she was here. But really, what kind of title would that be? Who would want to read,She went home and things are the same? Not me.  While we were in the parking garage we saw this.

Police car?

 It seems that the Broward County Sheriff has at least ONE Smart car police car. It probably is a good thing that Florida is mostly flat. We exchanged a few words with the women  sheriff’s officer driving the car. She was a good sport about the whole thing. I would have to guess that the car is a publicity stunt, not a member of the high-speed chase support team
My DW’s flight and all went well. She checked my lacrosse sticks as her luggage to save us a third bag fee when I fly home on Saturday. The downside for Southwest is that the sticks did not get on her plane. I have had a few calls from Southwest this evening about the lost luggage. The sticks are “out for delivery” and should be back home by 1 am. Does that make any sense to you? How about tomorrow? Why deliver them in the middle of the night? I giggled when the person said they would be out for delivery around 9 pm with  a four-hour delivery window. I said, “Delivered before 1, um, 1 am?” and the lady very matter of factly said “Yes”  Crazy.
 I returned to the work grind today. In the picture (at the bottom) you can see what this week’s Florida office looks like. I took the kitchen table and moved it into the bedroom area near the windows. This way I can enjoy the sunshine and still be at work. After work I walked over to the pool and went for a swim The water was warm. When I was done in the pool I spent 40 or so minutes in the hot tub. The hot tub near this building is smaller and warmer than last weeks hot tub.. I had the chance to relax with a few beers and yack with my neighbors.
Speaking of neighbors, in the parking lot here is a car with NJ plates. Ok, big deal, but, the license plate holder is from the local car dealer in my hometown. I met the owners of the car tonight. They live in Surf City, NJ. Surf City is one of towns on Long Beach Island. I walked to the Publixfor lunch today. After getting my sandwich from the deli I walked the 1.25 miles back to my condo. It was certainly good excercise. Dinner tonight was fresh ravioli and red wine. It was Italian night here in Florida. Good night to all and enjoy the pictures

Florida office