Day 208, working on my sunburn..

Wow, I can’t belive that the Florida lacrosse tournament is over. I started planning/paying back in May.  I went down to the fields around 5 pm to walk around and play some wall ball with my short stick. My short stick had to take the weekend off since the team expects me to play defense, not offense.  The fields were all cleaned up. Only the lacrosse nets still on the fields and the fading lines on the fields are the only artifacts of three days x 37 teams playing lacrosse.

Earlier today my DW and I went to the beach for the day. We wanted to walk the “boardwalk” in Hollywood Beach. This year I am trying to get around Florida without the GPS. I am trying to learn where things are and where they are in relation to other places. When you follow a GPS you lose track of where you are and what is near where you are.  We went east on I 595 and then went north on Route 1. While we enjoyed the trip north on A1A, we finally looked at the GPS when we got to Boca Raton. Needless to say, we should have gone south from the airport.

We stopped at the Hillsboro Inlet to walk around and shoot some video and pictures.  Click on the link for the video, the pictures will be added to the bottom.  We saw that Broward County has a bike share program. You will see a picture of the rental bikes at the bottom. After walking around the inlet park we headed further south to Hollywood Beach.

We walked about 2 miles north and then about 3 mile south and then back another mile north to where we started. During the walk we: Walked on the beach and got our feet wet (nice), watched the other tourists (French was the primarily language), had lunch, and generally got sunburned. We really had a nice (couples) day walking hand in hand. After we were done walking the “boardwalk” (the boardwalk here is a concrete path along the ocean front). We walked along the intercostal waterway on a extended wood boardwalk that would allow you to go fishing, have a picnic or watch the world go by.

Dinner was at Flanagan’s (we ate here another night). One of the best parts is that we get a discount off our meal and that the development that we are staying in provides a free shuttle service to the local  area. No worries about drinking and driving. All of the drivers that we have met have been the greatest. Down below are several pictures with captions from todays travels. Enjoy!