Day 206, Lacrosse overload phase 2..

Today is Saturday, January 21, 2012. Today I played in four more lacrosse games. This brings the weekend total to 8 games so far. The GM team (Grand Masters, age 45 +)  lost their first and won their second game. They now have a record of 2 wins and 2 losses for the tournament. The SGM team (Super Grand Masters, age 50 +) lost both of their games today. They now have a record of 2 wins and 2 losses as well. The three losses today had a total point differential of 4 points. One loss was in overtime, the other two were regulation time.

We all had fun. At least I did. I am quite sunburned. The sunburn is mostly on my face, ears and the back of my neck. Tonight the team had our team party. Usually the team party is on Sunday night so as to encourage the team to not stay out drinking all night on a night when we have several games the next day.  Due to the NFL playoffs, the bar could not accommodate us Sunday night.

Tomorrow starts my second week in Florida. I tried back in the summer time when I traded this week to get an A room for both weeks. The best I could do was an A room for the first week. What is the difference? The B room is like a shotgun shack. Straight through from the front door to the back windows. The A unit has several rooms and a full kitchen. I will be learning (re-learning) how to make eggs in the microwave.

I am going off to bed. There are two more games to be played tomorrow. My DW must have shot almost 800 pictures over the last two days. I will be working on them during the next week and sharing some of the better shots in this blog.  Tonight’s picture comes from Bloomfield, NJ where is snowed last night into today. In this picture one of the weatherman’s children is out enjoying the snow.


Playing in the snow