Day 205, Lacrosse overload Phase 1..

Greetings from sunny South Florida. As you will know from reading this blog I am in Florida for a National Masters Lacrosse Tournament. Today I played in four games. The first two games were GM (Grand Master) games. These games are for players 45 years and older. The second two games were the SGM (Super Grand Masters) games. The SGM games require that the players be at least 50 years old.

Being that I am turning 51 in June, I am eligible to play in both categories. The GM team won their first game in overtime with a score or 4 to 3. The GM team lost their second game 6 to 4.  The SGM team won both games that we played. The scores escape me at the moment. Might be old age, the post game tailgate or the trip to the hot tub.  I will provide a link after the end of the tournament with the score breakdowns.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the SGM play at 8:30 am. The GM team, made up mostly of guys over 50, plays at 10 am. The SGM plays again at 11:30. Depending on the outcome of the GM game will determine what time the fourth game of the day tomorrow will be played. 

Crazy schedule for sure. I am done for the night, slightly sunburned and ready for bed. Tonight’s pictures are from today. The captions will tell the tale. Enjoy!