Day 204, Off to the Florida Keys..

This is what a real vacation is all about.  The day started out with a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages. With excellent Guatemalan coffee from Northern Lights in Scranton. Then we went food shopping for a few items that we ran out of this morning. After we returned there were two missed calls on my work cellphone. I know, why did I leave it on if I am on vacation? Is it that I am that important? Nope, not a chance. I did some really challenging work this week and was afraid that there might be problems. I returned the one call that left a message. The customer said that a call back on Tuesday would be fine. I suggested that he email me the details.

After fielding that call we packed the car and headed south. We drove south on I 75 and connected onto the Florida Turnpike. At the end of the Florida Turnpike we joined US 1 south. We drove through Key Largo, and bunch of other towns and decided that we had driven as far south as time would permit by the time we reached the end of Islamorada. We turned around and headed back north. We stopped at Mr. Lobster in Islamorada. We bought stone crabs (12 dollars cheaper per pound than the grocery store and probably 7 days fresher) and a pound of fresh head on shrimp. After we were done taking pictures (see bottom) and shopping we continued north.

We stopped alongside the highway and put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico. We took some pictures (below) and headed north again. We stopped at the Islamorada Fish Market for lunch . We had smoked fish dip, she had the broiled snapper sandwich and I had the fried grouper sandwich. All of the items we ordered were excellent.  We took some pictures (see bottom) and headed north again.

We got back to the condo with an hour to spare. At 5 pm my mens lacrosse team met at the tournament field to practice, hand out SWAG and have a few beers. It was really fun to meet up with the rest of the team. Most of us only see each other twice a year. So there are always the questions about children and jobs.  Dinner was at POC Buffett. This is the usual Thursday night team dinner location.

Our first game is at 8:30 am tomorrow. There are several pictures below. The captions will explain what they are of. Enjoy!