Day 203, Now that is much better..

Vacation started today at 2:45 pm. I ducked out 15 minutes early to head to the airport. In this picture

from is where my DW’s plane was at the time I looked. She had a safe flight. When she left Philadelphia the temperature was 40 degrees. When she arrived in FLL the temperature was nearly 80 degrees. She was happy to feel the warm sunshine on her face. She brought down with her my lacrosse sticks. Since I already had two bags, the stick bag would have cost me 50 dollars each way. In this picture

DW waiting for her luggage

 my DW is waiting for her luggage. Which, I am happy to report, arrived safely with her.

After she got back to the timeshare she had to attend her Drexel class. The class started out rough since the they were teaching a huge group how to use the on-line library at Drexel. After about 20 minutes their librarian and IT people finally got the web program working. I read my book while she did her college class. While she was waiting for her class to start she had the third stone crab that I bought the other night. I was a nice Welcome to Florida moment.

For dinner we went to Flanagan’s in Weston. The food was good. We were able to eat outside alongside the small lake the runs behind the restaurant. After we returned to the timeshare I took her for a short tour of the complex.

The pictures at the bottom are from today’s lunch time walk. The captions should explain what the are of. Enjoy!



Elevator in the building, notice that none of the controls are square with the elevator


Turtles in the sun


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