Day 202, When does the vacation start?..

Today is Tuesday, January 17, 2012. I have been in Florida for two days. My question after the work day I had is, When does the vacation start?  The “drop dead” starting time is tomorrow at 3:00 pm.  Hopefully I can ease into 3 pm and not work flat-out until then. At 3 pm I need to leave for the airport to pick up my DW. She will be staying here until next Tuesday when she flys home. I am here until January 28.

The weather today was real nice. Yesterday is was cloudy and breezy. Not really a pool day. Today it got to nearly 80 degrees with lots of sunshine and not too much wind. Two weeks ago when I scheduled today’s work I knew it would be a rough day. I underestimated the type of day it would be. The customer I was working on today has 12 computers in their store. Most stores have 2 to 5 computers. 12 is a huge undertaking to work on remotely.  Add to that the first order of business was to upgrade a third-party software. The upgrade was a disaster. I spent two hours on the phone with some Eastern location having someone read from a script as they tried to help me. We got it done but what a pain in the butt.

One of the biggest challenges was that I was using the company T-Mobile cell phone today. My Verizon cell phone was providing the internet connection. And no, Comcast has not yet solved my problem. Their 72 hour repair window closes tomorrow.  The T-Mobile phone would constantly drop during a conversation. I could be sitting at the table with four bars one second and then have the call drop due to having no bars. How does that happen? I did not move, the building, windows, trees and such are all in the same spots. Crappy network. I dislike the cost of Verizon, but it usually is reliable.

I never got my walk in today. I worked 8:30 am to 6:30 pm with no lunch. I don’t work that hard when I am back in New Jersey.  Yuck!  Enough complaining. At least it was warm. I slept with the slider open and screen door closed. I was very pleasant. Last night I bought three stone crab claws. Yes, three. They weighed nearly 1.25 lbs all together. Talk about Jumbo Stone Crab Claws. I ate two of them, the third is for my DW. They cost 33.95 per pound. I had a hard time making that decision. I enjoyed them for sure. There is a picture at the bottom  of the two crab claws.

Tomorrow my DW has her second college class. She can call in on her cell phone to attend. The computer will be available for her to use as well. She has written her answers to the three questions that were assigned as homework. She has found the first weeks work very eye-opening. She has not been in college since 1984. She will do fine. Tomorrow DS1 is going up to Ocean County College to sign up for the missing class. Ds2 has been fairly quiet. He posted on Facebook something about taking a class in Arabic next semester. I really don’t know how to respond to that post. DS3 returned home from visiting his girlfriend. He had a good time. There is a picture at the bottom of the loving couple. This week marks 3 months that they have been in a relationship.

Picture descriptions are found above, captions will tell the story. No, my Spanish has not gotten any better either. Good night.