Day 201, I should have paid more attention..

I have spent the last two nights surfing the tv channels here in South Florida. I think I should have paid more attention in high school when I was taking my Spanish classes. If there are 100 channels here on tv (57 Channels and Nothing  On), at least 60 to 70 of the channels are in Spanish. If you click on the language button, the program is still in Spanish.  Last night there was a James Bond movie on one of the channels, and the dialog was in Spanish.  I watched HGTV in Spanish. I don’t what they were talking about, but the pictures were real nice.

The internet for the last two days comes courtesy of the USB charging cable for my Android phone and a program called Easy Tether Pro. For 9.99 you can use the data plan on your phone without paying extra for a WiFi hot spot. Since I have a V…….. unlimited plan, I can plug the phone in and go. I am still hoping that Comcast’s Tier 3 people can find the time to make the cable modem work. I brought the phone cable modem to Florida and am trying to get Comcast to make it work here. Thankfully the Easy Tether Pro software has worked great.

I worked from “home” today. The connection to the office was good enough. I used the internet connection at work to do the heavy lifting. The office was officially closed for MLK Day. There were a few of us working, we will take the day off somewhere else during the year.

I spoke with DS1 today. I had asked my DW to talk to him about the job offer from the company in Cherry Hill selling  people on changing their electric and gas supplier. We (DW and I) would like him to finish up his last course and get his diploma.  He has decided not to take the job. He will sign up today or tomorrow for the class. He will continue to work part-time delivering pizza. This should allow him to continue to job hunt, get his degree, have some spending money and maybe.. start paying some of his own bills. Ok, that last part is definitely wishful thinking.

At lunch time today I went for walk around the development where the timeshare I am staying in is located. Weston, Fl. is a planned community. The stores are hidden behind trees, the signs are small, almost non existent. If you don’t know where the store is, you probably will drive past it the first few times. They power wash the street here. They use “grey water” to irrigate the public right of ways. Everything is green, the hard edges of society are hidden behind plants and trees. I have a few pictures as examples below.

DS3 went to Willow Grove to spend a few days with his girlfriend.  DS2 had the day off from school.  Hopefully he will be able to find a guitar teacher at school. The school’s guitar class is full. He needs to get  more instruction.  I will close with a few pictures from my lunch time walk today. The captions should explain them.  Enjoy!