Day 198, Steve Jobs Wins!..

I surrendered today to Steve Jobs and the Evil Apple Empire. We have resisted (and continue to resist) Apple computers. The kids have fancy Ipods, I have a basic model. Music and a small screen, perfect for me. No games, no email, nothing. DS3 purchased (with my blessing) a black Iphone 4 S today.  He is the first to have an Iphone in our house. Prior to his slipping over to the dark side, all our smart phones were either Android or Blackberry models.

His old phone was a workable HTC Incredible. He was tired of it. The software was a little cranky. It probably need to be reset to factory specs and then used. The screen and all are still in decent shape. His original phone from almost two years ago was replaced last December (2010) after being dropped in a parking lot. I made sure that we could upgrade the phone and keep his unlimited data plan. He could, so I said, Why not?

He called the local Verizon store. They did not have the phone in stock. It was backordered. Guess what? Best Buy had it in stock for the same price with a choice of white or black. Hmm, why can’t Verizon have the phone in stock and Best Buy can? Somebody must know the answer. After we got home we played with the SIRI app. It was a lot of fun. You could certainly get lazy when most of your texts can be done via voice activation.  Fo me, I am not sold yet. I still like the slide out keyboard of my Droid phone.

The company party tonight went well. They invited back the man who started the company 30 years ago. It was interesting to talk to him and hear some of the stories from the old day. Tonight’s picture comes from DS2. It was snowing in the Lackawanna Valley (Scranton) today. Enjoy!


Snow @ Marywood University Scranton, PA


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