Day 197, Grilling year round in NJ..

Tonight for dinner we had the quintessential kid friendly meal. If you have been reading my blog all along you would know that when the children are asked about a comfort meal, they choose cheese burgers and cheese noodles. The burger meat should come from the Italian butcher. Cheese noodles, what are they? We had them growing up when I was a child. You cook your favorite pasta. The traditional shape to cook is an elbow macaroni. I also like wagon wheels since they trap the cheese so well. For each pound of macaroni that you cook you add two tablespoons of butter to the hot noodles. When the butter is melted you add 1 lb of large curd cottage cheese and one-third of a 16 oz container of sour cream. Mix together and serve. Yum and yum.

I worked my last day in the office today until January 30. Tomorrow is a work from home day for me. Sunday I fly to Florida for two weeks. I will be working remotely for some of those days. Friday night our company is having a tenth anniversary party. The company have been in existence for 32 years, but the current owners have owned it for ten years. Dinner is about an hour north of our home. It will be a three drink maximum night for me. And for this event spouses or whatever are allowed as guests. For all the company Christmas parties no spouses have been allowed.

Saturday morning I will travel to Scranton to work on DS2’s computer. Hopefully I will get out-of-town by noon time and have some relaxation time in the late afternoon.  Today DW started working on her homework. She has assignments due next week. I am still formulating plans on how she will attend class from Florida. Her flight gets in at 3:35 pm and class starts at 5 pm. We should, flight times permitting, be able to get back to the condo in time for her to join her class. They do record the entire class so she will be able to review anything that she might miss.

Yesterday DS3 went to the high school that he graduated from to use the workout room. Athletes that have graduated are allowed to return and use the facilities. He also spoke with a few of his teachers. I think he is ready to go back to school. He is bored with being home goofing off. We (parents) have enjoyed his company. He hopes to travel to visit his girlfriend next week for a few days. DS1 went back to the possible new employer to complete the background check process. The managers of the company did not have time to spend with him today going over our list of questions. He will return there again on Monday for further information. He is spending the night (or two) in Allentown with his girlfriend.

Well, that wraps up January 12, 2012. Tomorrow is Friday the Thirteenth!  Yikes and enjoy. Tonight’s picture comes from December of 2001. My aunt was in China as a tourist. This picture was taken at The Great Wall. Enjoy!


Great Wall of China



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