Day 196, Is it Black or Blue…

Sometime in the dark it is hard to tell if your jacket, socks or pants are black or blue. Yesterday DS1 needed another suit jacket for his shadowing of an employee for the potential new job. He was looking to go shopping at Kohl’s when his parents sent him to the local thrift store. I had never been in a thrift store in my life before last year. We took DS2 took the local thrift store in Scranton because he needed a suit to wear for a Halloween costume. We found the necessary pieces and only spent ten dollars.

DS1 found a black (or is it blue) suit jacket yesterday for 5 dollars. Come on Kohl’s, beat that. My DW has a home dry cleaning system and she ran the jacket through the dryer. It came out smelling nice and not wrinkled. It worked fine for his shadow day. He was offered a job yesterday. The company works selling electric and gas. They represent a company that will reduce your electric and gas cost in New Jersey by at least 10 %. We have done this at our home for the last two years. The electric has worked out fine, the gas provider needs the heave-ho since they are not currently competitive.

DS1 will be working on commissions. I spoke with him for about an hour discussing what the job was, questions and concerns we had that he should probably ask the company about. Tomorrow he has to go for a background check. From there, I don’t know. We continue to encourage him to seek employment in case he finds that door to door cold calling is not for him.

Tonight my DW had her first class as a Master’s of Nursing, Nurse Educator student. She forgot to bring the apple to class (joking). She was ready at the computer at 5 pm but had problems getting connected to the Drexel online class website. She was able to call in on her phone and participate in the class.  I was able to help her get connected to her class once I got home.

Tonight’s picture is of the new classroom. Gone are the blackboards and the wooden desks with the hard back seats. Welcome to college 2012. A mug of coffee, comfy clothes, a headphone/microphone and a 23 inch monitor.  Enjoy.


The new classroom

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