Day 195, the last of the Christmas Rum..

Quite the sad day today. Tonight I am finishing the last of the Christmas rum. Why do I call it Christmas rum? Well, somebody else paid for it at Christmas time! I will say that I enjoyed the experience.  The next offering from the rum world will be a Bacardi 8. It is a medium priced sipping rum. Too expensive to mix with cola, but smooth enough to sip. 

Speaking of sipping. My van spent another day in the shop today. Last night the brakes started chirping in the front. This noise is designed to alert the driver that it is time for new brakes. Bamm, there goes another 250 dollars. That car is sipping my life away. 600 dollars in one week. I hope it does not expect to see the mechanic any time soon. Maybe they have a “thing” going on. Motown reference. Or at least it is to me.

My DW continued her on call week today. She went in early for one case, then went home. She went back in for anther case, that after quite a while, was cancelled. I suppose it is a good thing that the hospital where she works is less than a mile from our house. Tonight we spent some time getting the computer ready for her first class at Drexel. We tested all the websites they suggested. We loaded their software and read their documentation. She even has a headphone with a microphone so she can participate in the discussions. Her books are ordered. All she needs is a backpack and she will be ready for the first day of class. I will send DS3 out tomorrow to get an apple for the teacher.

Work for me was crazy today. My neighbors were very loud this morning. After about 30 minutes of trying to ignore them I closed the door (I beginning to like this office) and turned up Pandora. I could still hear some muffled noise, but I was able to concentrate on my own work. Tomorrow will be some challenging database work. One of our bigger customers made an error before the holidays in 8 of his 20 + stores. Tomorrow I get to fix the problem and get all the records to match. I have a plan (good to hear),  I may need to close that office door once again.

It does look like a drive to Scranton will be in my future on Saturday. DS2’s computer is not working correctly. One of his hard drives is not being seen by the computer. I have a spare, not the desire to drive to Scranton. With my flight to Florida on Sunday morning, Saturday is my only opportunity to go and fix his computer. I was kind of hoping to pack in a leisurely way on Saturday. Maybe if I make a list over the next three days I won’t forget things in my haste Saturday night.

The pictures of the day come from January 25, 2000. I was working in the Philadelphia Fish Market at the time. In one picture I am shoveling snow from the driveway. In the other my DW and my cousin (who worked for me) are in the hot tub. Enjoy!