Day 194, the Return of the Defensive Player..

Monday night lacrosse is over for the week. Our league is back to our normal schedule except for one slight twist. Well, actually two. The first is that the starting time has been moved back to 9 pm. We now play from 9 pm to 10 pm. The second twist is that the lights are now computer controlled from a top-secret offsite location. At 10:05 half the field lights are turned off. By 10:15 all the field light are off and you had better be packed up or you will be using the flashlight app on your phone to find your equipment. There was a huge turn out again tonight. I would have thought that the BCS championship football game would have caused the numbers to be less. Most of the players were college kids that are going back to school this weekend. Next week we may have trouble putting together two teams. I will be in Florida, they will have to play without  me.

I got to play tonight with DS3. He does not go back until the end of the month. As I wrote in the title, I went back to playing defense tonight. This coming Sunday I am heading to Florida for a 45 and older national lacrosse tournament. The tournament is on January 20,21 and 22. I am heading there early to get acclimated to the elevation (joke).  I’m going to get some additional warmth before the real winter arrives in New Jersey. Tonight during the ride home it was snowing in the Pine Barrens. The temperature was 32 degrees and I was concerned about black ice forming on the roadway. We did pass a salt truck when we were almost home. The roads were ok while we traveled them.

My DW is on call this week. Tonight she texted me at 9:30 pm that she was going back into work. On the up side, she knew when she came home that she was going back. That probably is better than going home and thinking you were done then getting the phone call to return.

DS1 went on an interview today with a company in Cherry Hill, NJ. They do marketing. This, believe it or not, is what he studied in college! Go figure. He has a call back for tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon he will spend six hours shadowing an employee seeing what the company does.  They will be evaluating him for employment. So far no money or benefits have been discussed. We also have not figured out how or where he will be taking his last class.

DS2 texted last night that his computer was having problems. I suggested a few things that he might try. He has not told me if the ideas worked. Dude, do you still need help?  This late game has set me back an hour blogging tonight. I will wrap up with a picture of my mother and here best friend. May they both rest in peace.


Mom and Kitty Sweeney at a wedding