Day 193, Driving the Scranton 400..

Who needs NASCAR when you can drive the Scranton 400 anytime you want?  Truly a tongue in cheek statement. Today is (was) Sunday, January 8, 2012. The day started at 5 am eastern. Four people (me, DW, DS2 and DS3) through the shower (one bathroom house) and we were out the door by 6 am. I had called the local bagel store at 5:45 to place a pick up order. We got our breakfast and headed north towards Scranton.

Our first stop was 90 ish miles north at the weatherman’s house. My older sister from Washington State was back east for the funeral of a dear family friend.  She climbed in the van and off we went to Scranton. We got to Scranton ahead of time (go figure) so we hung out in the lounge until it was time for mass. There was no choir this morning since most of the students involved were just arriving. The 4 pm mass was supposed to be the choir mass today.  During mass we realised that three of my cousins were also in the chapel. After mass we talked some then moved DS2 into Marywood for the spring semester.

After the move in was complete we went to my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Alan’s house. I guess at this point in our lives they are Margaret and Alan. There we had a very nice bunch and talked with the cousins and aunts and uncles. At the end of the blog will be a gallery with pictures from the morning.  After our visit we took DS2 back to school and bid him adieu. We stopped downtown at the Northern Lights Espresso Bar for coffee and then drove east towards New Jersey.

Once we were back in Bloomfield we went to the viewing. The women that we went to pay our respects was a life long friend to my mother. After my mom died in 1999 she continued attend family functions. She was a pleasant reminder of my mom and the friendship that they shared. We talked to her six children, most of whom I have not seen in 30 or more years. Her one son and I were talking and I said “You know what, I used to deliver your newspaper when I was a kid”. He responded that he had worked my paper route part-time for two summers when I was away at summer camp. Hmm, it certainly is a small world. We traded children stories since he has college students as well.

After the viewing the 11 of us went to Vinnies in Bloomfield’s North Center (I wonder if they still call it that) for dinner. It was fun to sit and chat with my brothers and sister. States represented at the table last night included, Washington State, Texas, New York and New Jersey. The food was excellent. The time to prepare the 11 meals was a little longer than we would have liked, but it gave us a chance to talk. Most of my brothers and sister are going to the funeral tomorrow morning. I am not. Texas and Washington State fly home Monday night.

Then back on the parkway for another 90 ish miles and here I am. A glass with a “taste” of rum and my computer. Enjoy the pictures.