Day 192.. Things are (maybe) looking up..

The first headline of the evening is the departure of the Christmas tree and the holiday decorations.  The tree went to the curb, the decorations got packed up and sent to the attic for another year.  While we had everybody home this morning we had the boys move the furniture in the living room and do some “spring cleaning”.  The boys even brought my chair back upstairs.  The holiday chaos is gone and the chair is back. All I need now is an hour to take a nap.

Today the temperatures got to 66 degrees in South Jersey. As long as you stayed away from the cold ocean you got to enjoy the warmth. After we got the house back together I took my bike out for its first ride of the new year. I haven’t ridden since September (I think). No, it is not a Harley, it is a Trek that you pedal with your feet. I rode 25 miles today. This evening I am a little sore. 

The ride went well except for three things. The first is to get 66 degrees in New Jersey in January you are going to have a steady SW to W wind with gusts. It seemed like the wind was in my face for three of the four directions I rode. The ride is a rectangle.  With the breeze that we had blowing when I left, I would not have ridden in the summer. January, I won’t get a another chance like this until May.  That is why I went. 

The second and third issues are certainly my own fault. The county is building a rail trail one mile or so at a time. There is a new stretch under construction at the northern end of the finished part of the path. Today I rode on the path that was under construction. As I was riding through the soft dirt I came across a bridge that was constructed by the railroad company back in the day. What remains are the cross ties. There are 12 inch gaps between the railroad ties. I realised almost to late that I would not be able to ride my bike across the bridge. As I panicked to stop the bike and get my feet out of the cleats I tweaked my hips, ouch has been called. I was able to get my feet loose before I fell to the ground.

At the end of the under construction section I slowed down and un-clipped my left foot. I turned to the right and the soft dirt gave way and the bike and I fell to the right with my foot still cleated into the bike. All this was done in front of several cars waiting at the intersection. I’m cool, just not right then. I scraped up my right knee and shin. Nothing serious, just battle scars. I wonder if the county should have a sign or a barricade to keep other “stupid” people off the unfinished path. I learned my lesson for sure.

Dinner tonight was a frozen leftover lasagna from Christmas. My DW’s mom made two extra lasagna’s that night. Neither of the visiting families remembered to take theirs home. We sent our boys back the next day and got both of the extra lasagna’s. It was really good. For DS2 I made fried shrimp. They are one of his favorite foods.

Tonight’s two pictures come from my bike ride today. Enjoy!