Day 191, the Shearing..

Finally Friday, which follows Thirsty Thursday and Hump Day Wednesday.. Today is Friday, January 6, 2012. In one week it will be the first Friday the Thirteenth of 2012. Oooooo. If that sort of thing bothers you. Things were quiet here. I worked from home. While watching files transfer from one computer to another I put some of the cellar back together and did a few more loads of laundry. We are pretty caught up in that department.

This evening the four men in the house all went for haircuts. Two of us went at 4:30 and two of us went at 5:30. The same lady that cut our hair tonight has been cutting our hair forever. She has watched the kids grow up in her chair. She is also a Parrot Head (Jimmy Buffett fan). We attended several concerts with her and some of her friends in the early 2000’s.  She is now a grandma and has custody of her two grand children. Her daughter and the father of the children have substance problems.  I get to hear at each visit how the kids are doing. She never thought she was going to be raising children, again.

Tonight’s going to be a little short due to the writer feeling under the weather. Hopefully I can get outside in the sunshine tomorrow. These three pictures are from DS3’s Facebook page. Back on January 1, I wrote about he and his girlfriend dressing up like tigers for New Years Eve. Here are the pictures. They are cute!  Enjoy.