Day 190, Clean bill of health..

Maybe those words don’t go together. Clean bill of health. In this case they just might. This morning we (DS2 and I) were in Red Bank at 7:30 for a follow-up with the doctor that has done the surgeries on DS2’s eyes. As discussed in previous posts, DS2 had two detached retinas fixed in August of 2011. The right eye was redone in December of 2011. Today was the final follow-up from that second surgery. The doctor said that the eye was healing and while he could not guarantee that DS2 would never have this problem again, the likelihood in the near future was nearly zero percent. That is great news. Our next eye doctor visit is in January 2013.

School starts up from DS2 this coming Monday. Sunday we will drive him back to school since he is not comfortable driving with his glasses and the glass bubble in his eye.  The gas bubble should dissipate in about another month.  DS2 is excited to get back to school and (I think) away from his parents.  We certainly seem to cramp his style. Tonight he and I cooked potato pancakes.  They are one of his favorite foods, so I decided to teach him how to make them. We started with whole potatoes, onions and eggs.  He probably has a greater appreciation for the amount of work involved to make them from scratch.

The plumber came at 8 am this morning and was done by 9 am. The bill was 155 dollars for an hours work and about a foot of copper pipe.  I guess after a night of flushing the toilet with a bucket of water from the bath tub, he could have charged nearly anything he wanted. I did several loads of wet towels today. We used up all the beach, pool and bathroom towels in the house drying out the cellar. All day we had fans running in the cellar. Tomorrow I will put things back together

My DW came up from using her college computer (DS3’s machine) with a list of books she needs for school. Her first class starts next Wednesday at 5 pm. One of the ladies that she works with is a few years ahead of her in the Drexel Masters program. She has offered to loan to my DW any books that she can. That should certainly help.

For tonight’s pictures I will post a few of the old pictures that I have harvested from the backup files I found yesterday. I think I may have had a little too much fun posting pictures on Facebook tonight and last night. Enjoy!