Day 189, strolling down memory lane..

The last 24 hours have been challenging to say the least. Today is (was) Wednesday, January 4, 2012. Last night DS2 stopped by the couch and we went over the books he needs for the spring semester. We price shopped several websites. The final total was 500.00. Yesterday before I came home from work I dropped my car off at the shop due to the power steering fluid leaking. Truth be told, it has been leaking since October. That bill came in at 350.00 today. And, just to make me smile, at 4 pm my DW called me at work to tell me that there was water in the basement.

My favorite words to hear while I am at work, “Honey, there is water in the basement”. I left work early needless to say. I walked her through turning off the supply from the town. She put towels down to mop up the water. When I got home DS3 and I continued the cleanup while she went to yoga. I found the problem, but my plumbing skills are far worse than my carpentry skills.  I called the plumber at 4 pm when I got the call. He returned the call around 7:30. He will be out first thing in the morning.  One more bill, one more bill, chant with me…

First thing in the morning I am taking DS2 to the eye doctor an hour away. First thing in the morning my DW will need to be on the floor ready to work, 7 am. I guess one of the other two inhabitants will be up at 8 am to greet the plumber.  In the cleaning of the water and mess I had to move some filing cabinets and “stuff” that DS1 brought home from college. Most of that stuff has not been touched or looked at in 5 years. It needs to head to the dumpster. When the cellar gets put back together you can be assured that the garbage cans will be full.

In the pile I found an old hard drive. I worked this past summer going through hard drives in the cellar, saving the good and formating them when I was done. This one had escaped detection. After loading it on my laptop through an adaptor, I found four backups from January 2006. I saved them off on my laptop and then went looking. As my mother in law would say, Oh My!. I have pictures and emails going back to 1998. A lot of these pictures I have saved on my Snapfish website, but I had lost track of the originals. They are are back.

I posted five pictures on Facebook this evening. I tagged a few people and invited the other characters in the pictures to tag themselves. I have been looking for some original material for the picture of the day. I would say that I have found the mother lode. I haven’t looked at but maybe 5 % of the material so far. 

In this sideshow you will see the Halloween spectacular that we did in 2005. I had posted earlier pictures from a different year. These pictures are much better and give a clearer view of the madness that we created. I hope you enjoy them.  


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