Day 188, that is a good number for your house..

I saw on Facebook tonight a post by someone about people not knowing how to use their high beam headlights correctly. I worked in the Philadelphia Fish Market for 13 years back in another life. My 58 mile commute started at 1:50 am and I arrived at work for a 3 am start. I have just a little experience with people not knowing when to use or turn down their high beams. Tonight was particularly challenging in this department. I was driving home on the GSP and a car about 100 feet behind me in traffic turned on their high beams. They sat about 50 feet behind me for miles with the high beams on. Never trying to pass, just driving with the flow of traffic.

I had the cruise control set so I continued at a constant speed. At one point they fell back maybe 200 feet and then they turned the high beams off! I was confused by that action. Then they slowly caught back up and when they got to about 100 feet they turned the brights on again. Not a flash, get out of my way  I’m from New York, just on.  I moved up and allowed another car to fit between us so that they could share the high beam experience.  At some point they either stopped or got off. It was pretty rude.

They raised the tolls on the GSP and the Turnpike in New Jersey on New Years Day. A 50% toll increase. I wonder if my employer will be adding extra money to my paycheck to help cover the extra toll cost. Nice bloody likely, as the English might say. I dropped my car off at the repair shop tonight. The power steering fluid leak has become epidemic. I was hoping the problem would go away, but as we car owners know, that idea is just a fairy tale.  My van has 236,000 miles on it so I am not looking to make any major investments in it.

My DW survived her first day with the new software. What had been a nearly paperless unit has now gone back to paper charting. Does anyone else think that is going backwards? I asked, where does the paper go? Medical records. So now they will have mountains of paper that somebody will have “deal with” whenever copies of charts and such are needed. Backwards!

I was busy as I expected. The office was closed yesterday but no one changed the message people heard when they called. Because of this there were about 20 calls in the general support mailbox left by people who did not know the office was closed. Genius level, not!

Tonight’s picture comes from August 10, 2008. On this date most of the family was in Lake Placid for a lacrosse tournament. DS2 was home alone. During the day there was a thunderstorm that produced hail. In this picture the front lawn is covered with hail in August. The garden took a beating that day as well.


Hail storm in August 2008