Day 187, the Return of the Jedi..

I hope George Lucas does not read my blog. He might have a few thoughts about the title. How much do you think he gets for every Droid phone sold? I imagine more total dollars than most of us could spend in a lifetime.  Just think what good a foundation funded by the royalties from the Droid licensing could do.  Maybe I will email George and suggest that to him.

Tonight DS3 returned from his vacation in Willow Grove. We met both of his girlfriends parents. They  brough him home and stayed for a few minutes to visit and meet us as well. My DW and I were going to go to yoga tonight but when we heard he was on his way home and scheduled to arrive while we were gone, we decided to skip yoga. The other thing we considered was that this being January 2, 2012 everybody and their brother who got a gym membership for Christmas would be in the building. I bet yoga was quite crowded tonight.

DS3 had a good time. They visited New Hope today. He and his girlfriend walked the shops and had lunch. They attended a costume party for New Years Eve. They both we dressed as tigers. The girlfriend’s older sister went as Noah, so they were two of the animals Noah brought on the ark. Clever enough for me.  They also visited the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. DS3 said that the modern art that was exhibited confused the heck out of him. Some of the art was explained to them by a family friend that got them in for free. But he still did not like the art.  Must be why he goes to a science school.

Today was a vacation day here for the rest of us. My DW and I did chores around the house. One of the high points of the day was Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Good for me? Not likely. My favorite breakfast, by far.  I picked all of the remaining romaine lettuce  from the garden. Tomorrow it will get cold and stay cold for a few days. There is no way that the lettuce would survive.  DS1 went to the gym. DS2 played video games and practiced his guitar.

Tonight’s picture comes from DS3’s trip over the weekend.  Enjoy!


My best friend, can I take him home?


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