Day 186 tastes like chicken..

Happy New Years Day to everyone. Last night we (DW and DS2) celebrated the arrival of the new year together. Our celebration was mellow. DW and I did the hot tub hop from 10 pm to 11 pm. Then we channel surfed the various New Years Eve offerings. At midnight I shot the champagne cork across the back yard. The children who were out of the house for the night texted at midnight. Our neighborhood was lit up by private firework demonstrations. I think there were more rockets this year, almost of commercial (professional) grade. It was fun to watch. We (the old folks) went to bed by 1 am. I don’t know what time DS2 called it a night.

DS1 came home from Philadelphia this afternoon seemingly no worse for the wear and tear. He had some interesting stories from his night. Nothing to crazy, just a couple of 23 year olds out on the town.  DS1 may have a job offer this week. That certainly would be good news for his parents. DS3 has been quiet again today. I texted him while writing this. He had a really good night last night. That is nice to hear. He is supposed to be coming home tomorrow night.

Today was low-key for us. We slept in, had pancakes for breakfast. Grocery shopping for the week and fried bologna for lunch. Football for some of the afternoon and fish and chips for dinner. Tomorrow nobody is scheduled to work. Both of the parents return to work Tuesday morning. Tuesday for my DW is the day that the new software goes live in her hospital. They have been practicing for the last ten days, but I think her work week will be chaotic at best.

Tonight’s picture comes from October 2006. My DW was sitting in the stands at the local high school football game. I was on the sidelines taking pictures.  Enjoy!


DW - October 2006


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