Off to see the wizard for post 185..

Wouldnt you like to have written a timeless story like the Wizard of Oz?  Where do the ideas come from? Skip the money, the royalties, the fame. How about just creating something that lasts forever? Big thoughts for any night. Maybe that is why we have children. To create something that lasts forever. Tonight is New Years Eve 2011.  Happy New Years to you and your family. Here is a toast to our health and happiness for 2012.

DS3 has been visiting with his girlfriend for a few days now. He has rarely communicated with us during this time. I guess he is enjoying his vacation from school and parents. After several texts asking/prompting for a picture, DS3 sent this one of him and his girlfriend.

DS3 and girl friend New Years Eve 2011

They both look very happy. He is staying over until Monday night when her father will be driving him back to New Jersey.  DS1 left this afternoon to stay with his friend in Philadelphia. They have VIP tickets to the Manayunk Brewery’s New Years Eve party. Thankfully the party is a short walk from the apartment where his is spending the night.  Ds2 is spending New Years Eve with his parents. We have a nice bottle of French Champagne to open at midnight.

Last night DS1 built a fire in the outdoor fireplace in the back yard. We shared a few beers and some laughs while tending the fire.  He got hired to deliver pizzas part-time today. While this is not a career move (I don’t think), he will now at least have a source for money besides his parents. 

Today in New Jersey it got to 60 degrees. Not bad for the last day of 2011. I would rather see 60 degrees than the 10 degrees that we will see on Wednesday. I went down to the high school and played “wall ball” for about 45 minutes. Wall ball is when you take your lacrosse stick and a ball and throw the ball against the wall working on your eye – hand coordination. Boring, but important.  After I was done with that my DW and I took a walk around the park near our home. It was just that nice out today.

Dinner was marinated flank steak on the grill. Yum!  Mashed potatoes and garlic bread. I got a nice bottle of Cabernet as a Christmas present, we are enjoying it tonight. DS2 had a beer with dinner tonight. This is a first for him. He will be 21 in May. Good for him, as we told him, all things in moderation. Why good for him? Well, alcohol is prevalent on college campuses (duh). Learning about having a beer or two at home is better than having your first beer at school with everybody watching you. His campus is dry. He tells us that occasionally the campus gets “damp”.

My last picture of the year comes from 2005 when DS3 graduated from 6 th grade. When they go into 7 th grade they leave the township schools and attend the regional school.

This writing every night has been really fun. See you next year.


DS3 6 th grade graduation 2005