The smell of butter in post 184..

Ah, the smell of butter at the dinner table. I must have spilled some on my shirt because I can still smell the butter. We used butter as kids on our toast and such, but as adults we rarely use butter. Unless.. it is lobster night in Manahawkin. And it was. As I wrote last night, the Shop Rite had lobsters on sale this week. I took DS2 down to the store after work in search of the elusive lobster.

When we go to the seafood counter there was a crowd of people standing around. Not a good sign I thought. I asked one of the senior citizens standing if they were on line or waiting for lobsters to be cooked. The answer was, cooked. That is a good sign. We went to the counter and the watched a clerk explain to an 80-year-old man that there were not many lobsters left and they might not have the female lobsters that he requested. He decided that any lobster was better than no lobster.

Our turn came next. I asked what size lobsters they had available. They told me 1.25 lb lobsters and showed me what they looked like. They had no clue that I spent 20 years in the seafood business and certainly knew what a 1.25 lobster looked like. I ordered 8 of them. With four lobster eaters for dinner, 2 ea of small lobsters would be a decadent treat. After I got my lobsters, I overheard another clerk tell the next customer that the only lobster left weighed 15 lbs!. A monster. Here is a picture of it in the tank.

15 lb lobster

Not a great picture, too much reflection from the side of the tank.  My sister tweeted me that she had purchased a 10 lb lobster at her local Shop Rite. Also a monster. It takes 7 years for a lobster to grow to 1 lb. Imagine how old a 15 lb lobster is.  I suggested that we take it to the beach and let it go. Ds2 was not excited by the idea.

So the 8 small lobsters went home with us. When I cook lobsters I first boil onions and celery in the water to give the water some flavor.

Cooked lobsters

In this picture the lobsters have just come out of the pot. They need to sit in the sink for about five minutes so that you can hold them and cut them up. In a pervious life I used to work clam bakes. We would set up our serving station. Then serve clams on the half shell, clam chowder, steamer clams, lobsters, corn on the cob and watermelon for dessert.  Some parties would include a bartender or two, and various other side dishes from other catering companies.  Using this experience has made providing the clam bake experience much easier at home. 

Nothing but bodies

In this picture the lobster bodies have been separated from the claws and tails. The claws and tails went to the table, the bodies stayed in the sink. When we visited Halifax years ago, the family eat the contents of the body as well. Not my style.

Well, yum has been called. 

Good night moon and