It is all downhill now for post 183..

Unless the journey is uphill in both directions.

On the ride home from work I heard one of my favorite silly songs. The artist is Willie Nelson. The song is called “The Bob Song” Clicking here will take you to the video.  Silly, but maybe there is a message of acceptance here. Check out the stanza:

He said: You swing from your tree
And I’ll swing from mine
You have your lemons and I’ll have my lime
Funny we all act like monkeys sometimes
So you swing from your tree and I’ll swing from mine
I’ll Swing from mine

Sounds like accepting each person for who or what they are. Why do I bring this up tonight? For no real reason at all. I like the song, the lyrics are pretty simple and tune is catchy.

I traded text’s with DS3 today. He is still alive and enjoying his visit with his girlfriend.  They went ice skating yesterday. In his words “I absolutely hate ice skating”  describes how that went. I asked if there were pictures, he said they were still in Caroline’s camera.  Maybe they will make it to Facebook. When I came home DS1 was working on on-line job applications. I think he be getting tired being poor. DS2 is as I write this, practicing his guitar. 

My DW put in a full day today. Despite the threat of no work tomorrow, the doctors have magically found a days work to close out the work week for 2011.  I stayed under the radar today. Tomorrow I am working from home. I have a documentation project to do tomorrow. That should take most of the morning to complete. At least when I get bored with the writing I can get up and walk around the house.

The Shop Rite has a four-day lobster sale this week that ends on Saturday. We are having a clam bake for dinner tomorrow night. Corn, clams, lobster and butter.  Hmmm, I can’t wait. The non lobster eating child is away so I won’t have to make two different meals tomorrow night.

Tonight’s picture comes from my older sister. She and her’s went skiing today. She lives in Washington State and apparently they, unlike us in New Jersey, have some snow on the ground.  Enjoy!


Skiing in Washington State, December 2011

Post 182.5 (the half post)..

People on the GSP were crazy this morning. Where they were going in such a hurry, I don’t know.  It seems that the median speed this morning was nearly 80 miles an hour!  And this was in the 55 MPH speed zone in Ocean County.

Short and sweet (half post). Here are some pictures from lunch. I took my sandwich over to the Monmouth Executive Airport across the street. I sometimes will sit and watch the planes take off and land. There was not much activity today.  Enjoy.


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