Lucky enough by me post 182..

I am a half post (a half post?) away from the mid way point of this adventure. I am writing tonight listening to Scott Kirby play at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West. At 10 pm tonight they have another band come on and one of the band members is saxophone player Amy Lee. She played with Jimmy Buffett for many years. I have caught their first set a few nights this week. I don’t think I will watch tonight. I am going to bed early.  I am 50 and a half years old now.  Soon my hair will turn grey (too late).

Today started very early. DS3 and I were up at 05:00. We left the house at 05:50 and headed west to Willow Grove, Pa.  I dropped him off at his college girlfriend’s mothers house and headed east into the rising sun towards work. I was early for work despite the 130 mile commute. Early is good. Did I ever tell you DS3’s mantra about being on time? If not here we go:

To be early is to be on time

To be on time is to be late

To be late is unacceptable

I like that style. I guess that things are going ok since I have not heard from him at all today. I told him to call me if there are any problems. It is only 60 miles away, I can go get him. Yes, he is 18 and an adult. But he will always be my youngest.

At work today I struggled to keep busy, again. The impending doom of January 2, 2012 is like a sand storm on the horizon. I have a full slate set for January including traveling to Florida for two weeks. The adult lacrosse team from OWU that I play for is competing in a lacrosse tournament in Weston, Florida the weekend of January 21, 2012. I traded in two timeshare weeks so that I can go south early and stay after the tournament is over. I can work remotely from Florida. This will allow me to save some vacation days for later in the year.

February’s home improvement project is painting indoors. The last time I did any major painting was probably back in 2002 when I was out of work. It is well past time for a fresh coat. By February two of the three children will be back to school. With just the three of us in the house it will be easier to get things done. Or at least that is the story that I am telling myself this week.

Tonight’s picture comes from Christmas 2009. In this picture are DS3 (L) and DS2(R). Neither of them look very awake. Enjoy!


Christmas 2009. Not quite awake yet

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  1. Lori Finnigan (@DooneyPug)
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 07:11:39

    You’re doing a great job with keeping your promise to write every day. I like this post…the kids are always our kids, no matter how old they really are.

    And I really like the background-reminds me of butterflies and teeny fireflies. Or is that snow?

    Happy Thursday Peter.



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