Protocol 181 has been declared..

As you may have guessed we went to see the new Mission Impossible movie tonight. If you are a fan on the international spy, James Bond – ish, shoot them up and blow them up, then this is a movie you might want to see.  I am a fan of all of the above. We saw the movie at our local multiplex. I wanted to go down to Atlantic City and see the movie at the IMAX theatre, but I just could not make the movie schedule today. I wanted to go over the weekend, but I was afraid that being on call and going to the movies was a bad mix.  I took DS2 with me. DS1 was not interested and DS3 was at a friend’s house.

DS1 and DS2 went back to their grand mother’s house for lunch today. When we were there on Sunday we forgot to bring home our home-made lasagna. The boys went up to get the lasagna and eat lunch. DS3 spent the day with one of his high school buddies. This friend enlisted at age 17 and spent the summer between junior and senior years at boot camp. He hurt his ankle during boot camp. Surgery to fix the injury happened last week. DS3 has been over quite a few times to keep his friend company.  Tomorrow I am driving DS3 over to PA to visit his girlfriend. He will be staying until after New Years Eve.

While the boys were up visiting their grand mother gave them the pictures that you will find at the bottom of today’s blog. She shot them (and all her pictures) on actual film. I scanned them into the computer this evening.  The pictures were taken last April after a lacrosse game played in NYC on a field under the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Work for me was surprisingly slow. The phones were magically fixed this morning.  I still have some decorating to do in my office. I may use this quiet time to finish the process.

That is it for tonight.  Enjoy the pictures.


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