Time to turn a complete 180 (post) ?

I am almost halfway home in my blog writing experiment.  If you take half of 365 days (a non-leap year), you get 182.5 days. Using this logic, I will be at the half way point of my 50 th year in 2.5 days.  By the calendar, tomorrow is my half birthday. When we were growing up we would often celebrate someones half birthday. I know, with ten children, why would you want to add ten more celebrations to the year.  I don’t know. You never got presents on your half birthday. You would most likely get a cake and one chorus of Happy Half a Birthday.

Everybody in the house was off today except for me. I worked my last day of support until December 24, 2012.  If the Mayan calendar is correct, then I am done with holiday support for my lifetime.  On the plus side for me, the phones were out at the office. For some reason when you called the office, the number rang once and that was it. Needless to say, this pretty much eliminated the support calls that came in today. I got a few via email, but that is it. Hopefully the phones will be back up on Tuesday.  Tuesday should be mad house crazy with no phones today and the busy holiday weekend past and the busy holiday weekend coming up.

In the realm of my extended family there is some interesting news. My youngest sister in Texas got engaged over the weekend. They had previously posted on Facebook that they had purchased 5 acres of land in Texas and we looking to build a house together. My older sister in Washington State told me today that they have a new puppy in the house. They got a Siberian Husky. They named the dog, Nancy. I asked, why Nancy. She said “The dog has the nicest blue eyes. Mom liked Frank Sinatra (Old Blue Eyes). Frank had a daughter, Nancy” hence the name.  Works for me.

Tonight was a lacrosse night for me. I did not have much success. I caught almost every ball thrown to me. I did not score. The game was mostly college players back home for the holidays. My youngest also played with us. He had the last score of the night.  My oldest went with his mother to yoga. DS2 stayed home and guarded the castle. I mean somebody has to put the drawbridge up and down. It is too cold to swim the moat this time a year. And not cold enough to skate across on the ice.

Tonight’s pictures comes from 2007 when my brother the weather man had his second child baptised. And yes, he was that small!


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