Did you have a competitive Christmas? .. post 179

That is a funny question. If you stop to think about the meaning of Christmas (not the commercial meaning), having or even thinking about a competitive Christmas would be absurd. But, we all know how the human race is, the flawed group that we are part of. I remember (cue the fog and the slightly out of focus camera lens) STORY ALERT,  Christmas was a special time. Our parents would make sure we went to bed on time or early. There was absolutely no way any of us children would go down to the first floor before my father turned on the Christmas music. That was the signal that it was time.

We would sit on the stairs between the second floor and the first floor trying to peek around the corner at the bottom of the stairs to where the Christmas tree was . It was dark, the radiators were hissing (steam heat) and we children were trying to be quiet, yet not to quiet. I’m sure our parents had this all figured out. We just did not know it. After the music was turned on we would all rush down the stairs and with some friendly (right) pushing and shoving, approach the tree and the mountain of gifts. Then in an orderly procession, we would open our gifts one at time, taking turns around the room.  This was back in the days after the last dinosaur had been chased from the earth and not long after electricity and indoor plumbing had become a common place.  (Dude)

After we had opened our gifts we would have breakfast and then be off to church for mass.  After mass we would be sent outside to play with whatever we got. At that point we would find our friends whose parents had chased them out of the house. We would exchange stories about who got what.  Now days the who got what is accomplished by a text message, twitter or Facebook.  And the kids don’t seem to be chased outside to get some fresh air and play.

We went to my DW’s mothers house for Christmas. Since both my parents are deceased, they are the grandparents to our children. Her sister, sister’s husband and two teenage boys come down from North Jersey to celebrate as well. Some years we are late, some years they are late. At Thanksgiving this year, we were both on time, truly a record. Today they got stuck in some serious traffic on the GSP and were late. This was ok since it allowed our children to spend some extra time with their grand parents.

Dinner was homemade lasagna and a baked ham. There were lots of sides as well. All the food was delicious. We did presents, then dessert. I watched about 15 minutes of basketball today. I’m not a fan, so that will probably be it for me this season.  The drive home was anti-climatic. Weeks and weeks of stress and preparation and the day is nearly over.  I took quite a few pictures today. Some this morning during our family gifting and some this evening at grandma’s house. I will place them at the end in a slide show.

A competitive Christmas? Not for me. I really enjoyed having all the children home. Everybody helped out and behaved. What more could you ask for? Palm trees and shorts, but lets not be greedy. It was nearly 50 degrees today. I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah or whatever you might be celebrating. Be kind and rewind (MIB II)



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