Norad says Manahawkin is next…post 178

Christmas Eve here in New Jersey is a magical time. Maybe it is the wine, maybe the company and the good food. Maybe it is everything. Dinner went on tonight for almost two hours. Most of the time was spent with everybody sitting around and talking. It was fun to watch the boys interact with each other and their parents now that they are adults. For our appetizer we had jumbo lump crab meat placed on a bed of julienned watermelon served on plates shaped like fish. Really! The food network watching is paying off. On the side we had a remoulade sauce. We also had for appetizer fresh mozzarella with balsamic vinegar, shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce and fresh watermelon cubes.

Dinner was prime rib roast with bake potatoes. We made corn on the cob but forgot to serve it! Maybe I had too much wine. When we figured out that we had forgotten the corn we had already had cookies and fudge for dessert. Oh well. We had a champagne toast with a nice French champagne. A large bottle of Merlot was served with the main course. In the background we had the live feed from the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West playing. Scott Kirby is doing an acoustic set so far this evening.

Everybody was off today but me. This, as you may have read yesterday, is my one week of support a year. You know what is funny, everyone that called today told me in their message that today was the busiest day of the year. I imagine that they said this to try to convey their urgency to me. I am fully aware that this is the busiest day of the year in the retail liquor industry.  It just makes me laugh. I am not going to call them faster, or sooner because today is Christmas Eve. I am more like the Terminator, I will call them and resolve their problems in a deliberate, efficient manner. Today, tomorrow, whenever.  Not much personality in the support mind-set, just get it done.  Oh, and I missed yoga today. Support was just too hectic.

I am off to do the hot tub hop. I hope that all the liquor stores are closed and that those employees are home celebrating with their families. I will be bringing my laptop to my DW’s grandmother’s house tomorrow. I hope I don’t need it. Tonight’s pictures come from August 2011. I attempted to get the three boys to pose for a picture for our Christmas picture. I was not happy with the results. These might be considered pictures from the cutting room floor. Enjoy!


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