Almost time to put out the milk and cookies for post 177..

Well, tomorrow is the big day (for the milk and cookies)!  I am on call tomorrow. Hopefully things are quiet. Or, I will take the calls one at a time as they come in. I will be calm, the customers will not. Everybody smile!  I used to work in the seafood business. Wholesale, retail, it really does not matter. The week before Christmas was always the busiest time of year. Ten years ago I reinvented the wheel by going back to school and getting into the computer business. The company I work for deals primarily with liquor stores. I am again in an industry that is super busy around the holidays. Might be something Freudian in this whole thing.

A quick comment on the titles during the last week. Each nights title is supposed to be something clever. Not just the number of the post. Some nights I hit post instead of preview before I am done cleaning up the blog. Some nights I get to the end and just forget to give the day’s blog a real title. Nights like last night I was completely done and then the last save and preview was totally wrong. I had to redo most of the work last night and the title got lost.

Today was a work from home day for me. My DW as I wrote last night had the day off. DS2 and DS3 were here for most of the day as well. I was busy cleaning up mostly small problems. One of our customers had a computer BSD and then die this afternoon. Fortunately for him his store is about 30 minutes from our office and he was able to borrow a computer to get through the holidays. He is unique in our clients in that he has been and is a test site for our new software and hardware goodies. He got extra attention this afternoon due to that relationship.

DS1 and DS2 went over to Barnegat Light for an hour this afternoon. DS1 went to talk to his employer from the summer. DS2 was pushed out the door to be outside. My mother would have said to us “The sun is shining. Go outside and play and don’t come home until it is dark”. And she ment it. I guess being one of ten children having a few of us out of the house and out of sight made dealing with the younger children easier for her. We also to DS2 “grazing” at COSTCO. If you have a membership, you know what I mean. You go there to eat the snacks and spend 100.00 or more on stuff. For dinner tonight we had fried scallops and fried shrimp. I found a recipe for potato pancakes or latkes in the newspaper. I made them from scratch tonight. They turned out good. I was told that I could make them again.

Tonight’s picture is of Barnegat Inlet. DS1 took this picture while walking around by the Barnegat Lighthouse. Enjoy!


Barnegat Inlet - December 23, 2011

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