I took this picture

Winter clouds

today during my lunch break. It is an attempt at an “artsy” picture with my cell phone camera. I was sitting in my car listening to Radio Margaritaville waiting for my lunch hour to be over. I looked over at the building and noticed the reflection of the clouds and the sky in the office window. The vertical blinds in the background give contrast to the soft shapes of the clouds. I told you artsy. The clouds are the type (weatherman would insert the correct name here) that you see in the winter time when there is snow on the way. It may rain here, but until the temperatures get out of the 40’s and 50’s there won’t be any snow.
Tonight seems to be another night with little to watch on tv. We seem to be in the hell between one tv season and the next. We did watch some CSI NY reruns and some of the NFL football game. 
Christmas week continues to progress here on the ranch. All the gifts are purchased. My DW has some wrapping to finish up. She is off tomorrow since there are no cases.  I am working. The oldest is still visiting with his girl friend. DS2 has spent another day indoors.  Tomorrow he is going to become reacquainted with the outdoors. He can go out and he will. Dude, if you read this, you are warned.  DS3 went into the high school again today to visit with the ROTC kids. Today he wore his dress greens while in school. He visited with all his old teachers and talked with the ROTC students some more.  He took a nap this afternoon when he got home from school. He says that things are going fine with his girlfriend from college.
That is about it for age  50 years, 176 days. Tonight’s picture comes from May 2011. In this picture DS3 is about to play in his Senior Night lacrosse game as a senior. With him are DW and Me.  Enjoy!

Dw, DS3 and Me