Climbing the Christmas ladder for post 175..

Vast improvement today. I was able to park my car twice without locking the keys in the car. I brought my wallet home from work. I made it through the day staying off my knees (building bookcases!). All in all I have avoided repeating the prat falls of the last few days.  I got my bottle of Christmas rum from my favorite liquor store owner. He is only one of two customers that have my personal cell phone number.  I am hoping that some sweet Dominican rum will blow out this scratchy, coughing sore throat.  Or, I won’t care. 

Two more work days this week. Today was slow for me. Like I wrote before, my project is on vacation until after the first of the year. That allows me the chance to make a cameo appearance in the support department for two weeks.  I am sure my former support compadres are happy to have another set of hands in the mix.  My DW had a tough day Monday but they have had some cancellations on Tuesday and Wednesday that seem to have made the week more bearable.

Children,  DS1 is out visiting his girlfriend for a few days with the promise of returning home for Christmas eve. DS2 continues his recuperation. He seems to back to nearly even kneel. DS3 continues to stop the house on a daily basis. Most days/nights he is out visiting/sleeping at a friend’s house.  A lesser man might take the spending time with his friends and not his family personally. Not me.

Random thoughts:

  • Let’s not forget that today marks the one year countdown towards the end of the Mayan Calendar. If the world ends next December, I will avoid the holiday call schedule at work. I am on holiday call next Christmas.
  • A special thank you to my secret Santa (a reader here) that provided the Orleans Coffee Gift Card. That is a gift that will be enjoyed
  • The warm December weather has allowed the Romaine Lettuce in the garden to continue to grow. For New Jersey have lettuce growing in the garden in December is pretty incredible
  • My natural gas bill is also enjoying the warm weather
  • I have an opportunity to go to yoga Christmas eve at noon time. I really hope to get there. I need it.
  • Check out Scott Kirby on stage for the next 10 nights. He will be playing at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West each evening from 6 pm to 10 pm. This link will take you to the “Tuna Cam”.

Tonight’s picture comes from July of 2006 after my oldest sister had passed the bar. The white-haired man on the right is her judge who administered to her the oath


Family party 2006