Here goes my third attempt to blog tonight. This effort is an improvement because I can see the actual letters that I am typing. The two previous attempts were not as successful. You know the old windows adage, when in doubt, reboot.  But then again, this seems to be the recurring theme for the day.

I went to go out to lunch today with a friend from my childhood and I realised that I had left the keys to my car still inside of it when I got out of it this morning. I always lock the car at work. We went to lunch and got caught up on families and such. He obviously drove. And on the plus side, his company’s credit card covered lunch. That was sweet. Maybe we should have eaten a little more upscale than a dinner.  After lunch I called the Allstate Roadside people and they had somebody out in 30 minutes to open the door and get me my keys. It certainly made me feel silly.

After work I drove home to find I left my wallet in my desk at work. Scatter brained or what?  Hopefully I won’t need my wallet before I get to the office in the morning.  I was able to take some time today and decorate my new office space. I still need a few things, like some more indoor plants and somewhere to hang my coat. I may work on those problems tomorrow during my lunch hour.

That’s all for tonight. I am getting while the getting is good.  Tuesday yoga is done until February. This picture is from June of 2004 when one of my brothers took his two dogs out for a drive.  Enjoy!


Two dogs