Limeguy victim of a wardrobe malfunction in post 173..

I had a wardrobe malfunction at work today. A minor wardrobe malfunction.  If you remember from a week or so ago I moved from one part of the office to another. My new (to me) office has a door, more space, noisy neighbors and I have no idea who controls the heat or air conditioning. It was cold in the office today. If I dress for the cold tomorrow, it will be warm.  Wah-wah. Anyway, the new office space came with a new desk (in a box) and two new book cases (in boxes). Previously on 24, our hero assembled his desk in record time. Since then I have been too busy or not in the office to finish putting the book cases together.

This afternoon I was kneeling on the floor screwing the parts together when the right knee of my khaki pants ripped. The more I kneeled on the knee, the bigger the rip. I was able to finish the bookcase. Tomorrow I will unpack my stuff and start making the space my own. The pants, well they are headed to the trash unless my DW wants to make shorts out of them. Either nobody noticed, or they did not say anything about the knee being ripped out on my pants.  I guess the knees ripping is better than the butt ripping.

There was a little bit of dinner time chaos this evening. The kids were home all day and the parents were working.  There is a communication disconnect between the working folks and the vacation folks. We will work towards bridging that gap as the week goes on. Tonight I played lacrosse with DS1 and DS3. We had a good time. I caught the two passes thrown to me. I converted both into shots, but neither of them went in the goal. The goalie was a college lacrosse player home for  Christmas break. He was pretty good. One of the other college players that was playing the attack position with me is a Sophomore at Marywood University. He vaguely knows who my middle child is. We talked about Marywood lacrosse while we were standing on the sidelines. Unfortunately he did not attend either of the captains practices that DS3 and I attended this fall.

Off to bed I go, laughing all the way (ho ho ho).  Tonight’s picture comes from Freshmen Orientation at Marywood, July 2010.


DS2 Freshmen Orientation, July 2010