Making progress towards Christmas post 172

On goes the star

Tonight the family is putting the lights and ornaments on the family Christmas tree.  In the old days when the children were little, we would travel to the tree farm and pick then cut down our family Christmas tree. Now that the children are older the trip to the “Tree Farm” includes Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes was really picked over, Home Depot had a decent selection. We also have a local garden center that sells trees. We found a good tree at Home Depot this year.

I took DS3 with me on the tree hunting adventure. DS2 was stuck on the couch for one more day. Tomorrow morning when he wakes up he is back to the vertical world. DS1 was out with some friends on the beach. It was cold here today, barely getting above freezing.  DS3 slept over a friend’s house last night. Tonight he sleeping over another friends house.

Dinner tonight was home-made lasagna, Texas toast and Stone Crabs from Florida. The Stone Crabs were delish. DS2 enjoyed them with us (DW and I). DS3 does not like Stone Crabs and DS1 was out with friends.  We went food shopping for five today. We used the “big” shopping carriage and the food bill was more than 100.00 greater than last week.  Ah the joys of having the children home.  After dinner there was a discussion of the four major gospels and the “other” gospels. DS2 really paid attention during his bible study classes.  It is interesting to debate different topics with the kids now that they have been exposed to different points of view in college.

My DW is ending her week of call. She was called in to work both Saturday and Sunday. The money is good, but she winds up working nearly 12 days straight. My call week at work for the year starts tomorrow. I only have to take one major holiday. Since our children are not small and we don’t do anything really special, I take Christmas. The people that I work with appreciate me taking that holiday.

On a sad note, if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan you probably know that Ralph MacDonald died this morning. He was  a percussionist for Jimmy Buffett and a prolific song writer.  He had been battling cancer for some time.

Tonight’s other pictures comes the tree decorating this evening. Here is Ds3 stringing lights on the tree.  And a picture of the finished product. Enjoy!


On go the lights


Family Christmas Tree