Running late for post 170..

Tonight was our company Christmas party. Each year the party is a challenge since the party is forty minutes away from the house. And, spouses are not allowed, even when we have offered to pay for their meals.  The challenge, well maybe it is it the open bar and not drinking and driving. We preach this to our children constantly.  Dinner was scheduled for 7 pm. The open bar portion of the evening started at 6 pm. I arrived at 7 pm, on the dot. I got hung up at the bank. That will be the topic of tomorrow’s blog.

I had a few glasses of wine with my most excellent dinner. No after dinner drinks, not before dinner drinks.  In previous years I had a child at home that I could hire as my driver for the night. Not this year. There are quite a few people watching stories from tonight. I will probably share them later in the week. I have to get up at 5:45 am to have DS2 at the doctor for 7:30. 

Tonight’s picture is of me! Taken tonight before the dinner started.  Enjoy!