The couch gnome lives at post 169..

Day Two of the “you must lay on your left side experiment” is nearly over.  The day has certainly been a series of small success and smaller stumbles. I would say on the positive side of things the fact that DS2 was able to sleep in his own bed last night and take a shower this morning went a long way towards creating the illusion of normalcy. Watching him get up at every hour so is painful. His shoulder is hurting from laying on it all the time. He reads my blog some nights and today he posted on Facebook that having to lay on his left side is the 11 Circle of Hell. If you go back two days you can read about the 9 “real” Circles of Hell and the one “unofficial” Circle of Hell.

He questions his sanity after another four days. And to add insult to injury three times a day during his “vertical time”,  he gets two sets of drops in his eye. One of the drops is a minor nuisance, the other is actually painful. We usually wait until the 10 minute break is over so as to not ruin the up time. A couple of more days and we will be back to normal again. He will probably be able to reflect on how good his life usually is. That old cliché “What does not kill us makes us stronger” has always applied to this child. He can get comfortable in his surroundings and routines. as we all do. But he has always show some real growth as a person after facing some adversity.  Note to DS2, your parents love you very much!

I worked from home again today. In addition to my work chores, I was the cook and the nurses aide today. DS1 go up around lunch time and went to the gym. He spent some time watching tv and playing video games. I’m not sure if he has emptied his car out from his trip home. He has left this evening to spend a couple of days with his girlfriend in Allentown. He will pick up DS3 on Saturday in Scranton when DS3 is done with his finals.  My DW worked today as well. She is also on call for the rest of the week.

Most of our Christmas presents are taken care of. Last night I finished and sent off the yearly Christmas picture post card. The lights are up outside. The miniature village is up inside. Still we do not have a Christmas tree. I think that will be Saturday’s project. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Tonight’s pictures comes from October 2008 when my brother the weather man and his two young children and I went for a bike ride from Allaire Park to the Manasquan Inlet and back. Most of the ride is on the Edgar Felix Bike Path.



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