Candles and holiday 168 lights..

Writing every night is a funny thing. From the reader’s point of view, the delivery is relatively seamless. The email or the Facebook/Twitter post alerts you that there is something new to read. Then if the title and the first sentences catch you, you might read further.  Or, at least this is how I approach reading somebody else’s blog. I might even scan the length of the blog to determine if I have the patience to read it. Pretty crazy criteria. It’s any wonder that this blog ever gets read. But then I always critique my own blog for readability. I probably have lost 90 % of the potential readers at this point.  Sometimes the opening drags (today) or other days like yesterday, they seem to write themselves.

Last night was a late night for me. I sat down to watch tv and got sucked into a movie on HBO. By the time the movie ended it was 11:30. I went to bed and could not sleep. I was listening for DS2 who was working off the anesthesia from his surgery earlier in the day. Every noise had me listening, hoping for the best. We had to get up early due to a 7:20 am post operative appointment at the doctor’s office. It is an hour each way to the doctor’s office. We use this doctor because the insurance will accept him. And, he wrote a manual for other doctors while he worked at Wills Eye in Philadelphia. If you need special eye work done, Wills is the best in the world. If he was good enough to write a manual for them, he is good enough for my son. Needless to say, I am both tried and stressed tonight.

The doctor was pleased with the surgery this morning. He said that DS2 needs to lie on his left side and keep his head lower than his shoulders for the next six days.  The more compliant his is with these instructions, the better his chances for a full recovery are. We will be back there Saturday for another appointment. My DW returns to work tomorrow. I will work from home for the rest of the week.

DS1 arrived home this afternoon. As written previously, he has completed his course work at Wheeling Jesuit University. He is one 200 level economics course short (don’t ask) for his degree. The university has agreed to allow him to take this course at the local community college.  He will be traveling to Scranton Saturday morning to get DS3. DS3 had two finals today. He said they both went well.

I cleaned the filters in the hot tub this afternoon and may try to convince my DW to join me for a dip. DS1 is out with his friends. DS2 is in his room, resting on his inclined bed. DS3, not sure, goofing off tonight I guess. He has nothing going on until his last final on Saturday morning.

Tonight’s picture coms from DS2’s Winter Concert this past Saturday night at Marywood. Enjoy!


DS2 in concert attire