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If you are a christian, chances are that you decorate your home for Christmas. I guess the non – christians decorate differently for different “holidays” during this time of year. And most of us will celebrate New Years on December 31.  As you drive through your neighborhood you will see various decorating efforts. Some as you probably already know will be  elaborate and are a destination during the Christmas season. Our house is more on the some lights side than the jumbo lights side.

Indoors the tree is not up yet. Tonight my DW and DS2 put together the “Christmas Village”. My wife likes the miniature buildings. Each year she gets one or two new ones. Here is a picture

Christmas Village

of the current collection.

Another neat tradition in our home is the Christmas calendar. This one has animals on it. What happens is that the animals start out in pockets and for each day a different animal gets moved from the pocket that has the number of that day. When all the animals are out on the calendar, it is Christmas. Or, you could have them all start out on the field and then add them to the pockets for each day. For years DS2 has been one of the first people up in the morning. He has a method to where each animal goes.  Here is a picture 

Christmas decorations

of the calendar. It hangs below the stockings on the closet door in the livingroom.

My siblings will recognise the stockings. When we were children my mother knew a women in Scranton that knitted these stockings. Each of the children had a stocking with their name on it. When our children were born, my mother had this women make stockings for all three boys. Sadly I heard that she died several years ago.

Tomorrow is surgery day for DS2. He will have his right eye worked on again. Hopefully this will solve the problem permanently. He is home from school for the year. DS1 is done at his school probably forever. He called to say that he took his final exam at Wheeling Jesuit University. He headed east around 7 pm this evening. He texted a few minutes ago that he had made it to Allentown, PA where is girlfriend lives.  DS3, finals start for him tomorrow. Tonight was/is a big study night.  I am heading off to bed, tomorrow will be a stressful day.