Last night of the empty 165 nest..

Syndrome? I don’t think so. I have written about the empty nest “syndrome” in the past. As you may be aware our youngest child went off to college back in August. After our middle son had recovered from his eye surgeries, he also went back to school. He is a Sophomore Music Therapy student at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.  Since September we (DW and I) have been empty nesters. Back in the early fall, many people asked us about coping with all the children being out of the house. The standard answer was and is that we are taking each day one at a time.

We have settled into a routine here now that the children are away at school. It is a comfortable routine.  Well, that comfortable routine is about to be tossed into the dumpster for a while. DS2 finishes his finals tomorrow morning. By six pm Monday night he will be back home. First question, what’s for dinner tomorrow night?  We haven’t had to think that far ahead for a few months. Tuesday he goes in for eye surgery on his right eye. The left one is fine, the right eye’s retina is starting to detach, again.  We, the parents, are understandably unnerved by this turn of events. DS2 seems resigned to the process. He was a little “amped up” this weekend, so despite his saying he is not nervous, I think he is nervous.

Monday, DS1 starts his eastward migration towards New Jersey. He has several stops planned so we aren’t exactly sure when he will arrive. He will be taking a class at the local community college and (upon passing) he will have fulfilled the requirements for his degree. That means that depending on class schedules and such, he may be living at home until May at the earliest.  DS3 finishes up his finals next Saturday. Someone will be driving to Scranton next Saturday to bring him home. His school offers an intercession so regular classes don’t start until late in January.  Talk about a full house.

Sunday we went to Marywood to attend mass with DS2. He was playing the trumpet with the chorus. We got there early and watched the practice for the mass. Oh, and somebody changed the responses during mass. We had a “cheat sheet” but still felt like strangers in our own church. I guess with repetition those changes will be less foreign to us. Or at least to me. Father Brian did another excellent job with the homily. As I’ve said before, he is a perfect fit for that school.

We talked to several of the nuns that DS2 has involvement this weekend. They all know us by sight and come over to say hello. The only “odd” thing about the conversations is that they all say Happy Holidays to us. As christians, and catholics, we (DW and I) have been trying to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year instead of Happy Holidays. DS2 says that not saying Happy Holidays is a Fox News thing. I never watch Fox news so I really don’t know.

DS3 had a nice “date night” his girlfriend Saturday night. They are both getting ready to rock their finals and go home for the holidays.  They ate at a Thai restaurant in Scranton last night. DS3 said the food was good. I have never had Thai food.  Maybe we can try it next time we are taking the boys out to dinner in Scranton.

Bamm, picture time. This picture is of DS3 wearing a “brony” shirt and a Joe the Monk hat. His mother brought the hat up with her. DS3’s head looked cold this morning so she offered him the hat. Needles to say, he gave it back after the picture. He has a good sense of humor. Enjoy!