Best Western 165 post..


Tonight’s post come via the business center at the Best Western in Scranton. This computer  has about the worst keyboard I have ever used. I may close this out and type on my phone.  DS2 had his Christmas concert tonight. He was in the chorus instead of playing his trumpet due to missing the first two weeks of school. After he went back to school he was not able to play his trumpet for another four weeks. That effectively cut him out of the orchestra.  He was able to participate in the chorus so that is where he performed tonight. Those pictures are on my good camera so they will have to wait until we get home.

DS2 had practice today for his theater final. The final requires him to participate in a play. We watched him practice today. I don’t know the name of the play/skit, but he performs with three senior girls. He is the male lead (the only male). It was fun to watch DS3 interact with his classmates. He is really fitting it at college. After his play practice he and I went to the Scranton High School and threw the lacrosse ball around for about forty five minutes. Oh, it was very cold. The car said the temperature was 33 degrees. We got to talk some during our throw around.

The ride up was uneventful. There is snow on the sides of the highway in the Poconos. Tomorrow we will attend mass with DS2. Then lunch, a quick visit with my parents and back home to New Jersey.  Tonight’s picture comes from play practice this afternoon. Enjoy!