Our little furry friends, all 164 (post) of them..

Our little furry friends

Today was another work from home day for me. Now that the weather is getting colder I will put food out for the critters that live in the neighborhood.  And then all summer I will bitch that they are eating my vegetables. It probably does not make sense to feed them during the winter because then they get used to finding a meal at our house when the weather gets warmer. I do enjoy watching them come by for a snack while I am waiting for the screens to change or an upload to complete. This squirrel is eating the ends from a loaf of bread that was broken up on our desk. The late afternoon usually brings out the small birds. The squirrels seem to eat in the morning.
Work was steady for me.  The next three weeks at work will be strange since the project that I work on the most will take a break during the holidays. Most smart businesses will not be looking for changes, upgrades and anything different during the busiest time of year. So I will get tossed back into the support pool to keep busy. I don’t really mind, as long as the issues given to me are fixable in the next three weeks. After January 1, I will leave the world of support and go back to my project.  I don’t want to take any baggage from the next three weeks into January and beyond. My DW wanted to thank everyone who texted, emailed, commented about her being named a CARE scholar. She is modest, but deep down she knows her stuff.
Lunch today was a chicken cheese steak from Bagels and Beyond. If you ever find yourself in the 08050 zip code and are looking for breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend giving them a try. This is a picture of the sandwich.

Lunch, yum!

Why a picture of the sandwich? I took the picture and sent it to my children to remind them of home… Right! Tomorrow I hope to eat lunch the Coney Island Lunch. I can taste those dogs as I am writing this.  DS2 has a concert at 7:30 Saturday night at Marywood. DS3 told me today that Saturday night is date night with his girlfriend since finals start Monday for him and Christmas vacation is looming. I told him that it would be nice if he could find a few minutes to visit with his parents.

DS1 reports that the school has agreed to let him take his last class locally, waving the school’s requirement that he be on campus for his last 30 credits. He leaves Wheeling on Monday or Tuesday. I would have to guess it will be really strange for him to have finished four and a half years of college and to be heading back home.  It will be challenging to have him back in the house since he has lived on his own for so many years. I think with some communication, things will work out ok.
The weather in Scranton is forecasted to have a day time high of 35 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday. In this picture

Ready to go

you can see I have two sticks and gloves out and ready to travel. I don’t have great expectations about any playing time but it would be nice to throw around for an hour. I need the practice.

And a funny note, do you see the snow falling on the screen while you are reading this blog? Of course you do. Move you mouse pointer from on side of the screen to the other. Notice how the snow will fall towards the mouse pointer. pretty neat!
PS. After trying this and it working several times, I previewed the page before publishing and the snow ignored the position of the mouse. If it works for you, all the better