How about a famous 162 quote or so..

Bill Gates is quoted as having said “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG”. What he fails to add to this famous quote is the need to reboot your car once a day and the odd day or so that the car just might not run for absolutely no reason.  But, then all of us computer people would have more career opportunities.  We could drive around on the highway like the rogue tow truck driver waiting for someone’s car to reboot or stop working. That would be a crazy world.

Wednesday in New Jersey, rain followed by more rain. Allegedly there will be sunshine tomorrow.  On the plus side there are 39 days until I leave for two weeks in Florida. I just have to survive the holidays and whatever “speed bumps” come my way.  DW worked this morning. In the afternoon she had another computer class to help train her to use the new computers that go online in January. While this class was not as disorganized as the last class, they don’t have hand outs for the students. Most people won’t read the handouts after they leave class, but they can be used as “cheat sheets” when the time comes to actually new the new software.

DS2 had his first two finals today.  One exam for conducting the other was for sociology .  He seemed in good spirits this morning judging by his tweets and Facebook posting. He finishes finals on Monday around noon time.  DS3 passed his fall physical fitness tests today. In order to eligible for a scholarship from the brigade, one of the requirements is to pass the physical fitness test (twice a year I think). He has been practicing all fall for the test. He would always fall one or two short  in the timed push ups or sit ups. When he was home over Thanksgiving he was careful about what he ate so that he would be in shape for the test. We are glad he passed it.

Last night driving home in the rain I started to get the next few pages of my novel working in my head. Hopefully I will find that writing muse this week and translate the thoughts into something that makes sense. Tonight’s picture comes from one of my children’s computers. They found these “cute” cat pictures somewhere.  Enjoy!


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