I’m feelin’ Google lucky for post 161..

Not really.  Today was just another day in paradise. Said with a touch of sarcasm, I might add.  This being a Tuesday in New Jersey, it rained.  According to my brother the weatherman, this is the fourth Tuesday in a row that the NYC area has had rain. I would agree since I seem to remember driving to Tuesday night yoga each week in the rain. The rain is ok since the temperatures here are still in the 60’s.  Several plants in the garden continue to thrive this late into December. We have three rows of Romaine lettuce that are still growing. The parsley in the window box continues to grow as does the Rosemary and the Green (Scallion) Onions. Just tonight we had a salad from the outdoor garden.

This picture

Royal Warriors - University of Scranton

was shared on Facebook by DS3. He is the cadet on the right side in the front with the Red Guidon (flag). He certainly seems to be fitting in with the rest of the corp. 

Today was the 40 th anniversary tree lighting at Marywood. They put this huge Christmas tree up inside The Rotunda each year. The tree lighting is accompanied by music (it’s an art school) and snacks for the students. Finals start at Marywood tomorrow. They had their scream therapy event this afternoon. DS2 said he enjoyed yelling at the top of his lungs with a group of students while standing in the light Scranton (or Dunmore depending on where on campus they were) rain.

He sent this picture

Tree lighting at Marywood

from the tree lighting. They seem to have a thing for blue lights on their Christmas tree.

DS1 called today.  He called to tell me that he and his advisor had gone over his transcript and “discovered” that he missed taking a 200 level Economics class that is required for his major. So, he will not be graduating in December after all. He has found the class offered at the local community college this spring. He has contacted the community college about enrolling. The University has agreed to accept the class from the community college depending on the grade. His other “issue” is that the University wants the students to spend their last 30 credits on campus. It would be stupid to go through the expense of 5 more months in Wheeling for one class. He has an email into the University President looking for some help. Hopefully this works out in our favor. Community college is 100.00 per credit.  You can guess the Wheeling Jesuit University is not 100.00 per credit. And living at home eliminates the housing and food expenses (to some extent). And as an aside, he said that his ex girlfriend of three years called him this week. She graduated in May.

Tonight’s final picture comes from July 12, 2008 somewhere in Europe. DS2 spent two summers playing with American Musicians Abroad. He really enjoyed the experience.


July 12, 2008 DS2

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cmdavitt
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 22:05:19

    Namaste as well. May next Tuesday be 60 and sunny!


  2. john davitt
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:17:45

    Just when I thought I was out…they pulled me back in. You’ve got to be kidding me on the graduation. Yikes !


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