160 (post) degrees of separation..

Here’s too funny. As you may have read on Saturday I attended the Ship Bottom Christmas parade in Ship Bottom, NJ. Towards the end of the parade, I took a picture of a band playing on a float. The band was doing a good job playing on the moving float. I needed a picture for the blog, so they got picked. Yesterday, I got a comment from a reader who played in that band in the parade. That makes me smile. Who would have thought that might actually happen. It really is a small world. And as my mother would tell us as kids, “You better be on your best behavior, you never know who is watching”. This may have been part of her mojo to make us think that she had eyes in the back of her head.

Work was just another day for me. I started working in my new office space. I whined at dinner about the change. It was fine, and in a week I will be fully moved in and things will be more comfortable. But today things were different. I’m not the best with different. Ask my DW.  She was busy as well. Her most notable comment was “I hate when crazy people get sick”. And I quote.  For lunch I went to the Windmill in Belmar, NJ for two hot dogs with chili and cheese. I had a buy one , get one coupon, my favorite.

Tonight was yoga for my DW and 90 minutes of lacrosse for me. I continued to play attack. I caught almost everything that was thrown at me. I had several shots including one that actually went in. Wahoo! A goal.  Ok, not such a big deal, but I enjoyed it.  Last week on either Thursday or Friday the therapy dogs visited Marywood University. Back in early October they visited the University of Scranton. This week was the arts school’s turn.  DS2 is not the big fan of dogs that DS3 is. He had an incident when he was child that involved a dog. Enough said, he is fine.  So I was surprised that he went to see them and sent me a picture of the visit. He asked me this weekend when his picture was going to be published.  Dude, here’s your picture!

Tonight’s picture is from the pet therapy day at Marywood.  Enjoy!


Dogs at Marywood



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 09:53:11

    Thanks! Glad to see DS2 and dogs.


  2. Paul Davitt
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 09:55:26

    Sounds like the therapy worked. 🙂


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