Brother can you spare (a)159 post..

I visited my parents today before heading back to New Jersey. As I was driving down the road to visit them I reflected on how often I had been by to see them now that the children are going to school in the same city.  Probably before DS2 started at Marywood, I had been by maybe once a year, twice a year was a notable year. They were their usual silent self’s today. It was sunny, nearly 50 degrees and a little breezy. 50 degrees in Scranton on December 4 is something to enjoy. Sooner or later the real Scranton winter will rear its ugly head.  I do believe that they keep an eye on the children while they are in school. Or at least I hope they do.

If you read yesterday’s post you could probably figure out that I did not add to the blog Saturday night. We (DW and I) found ourselves sitting in a pizzeria across from the University of Scranton at 11:30 at night. At the table was a pitcher of beer and four college students. We went to get something to eat after DS3’s holiday chorus concert. He brough along his girlfriend and his roommate to eat. Our middle child was there as well.  We had fun at the table. DW and I drank the beer, the kids polished a 2 liter of Sprite. None of them are drinkers (that I know of). After we finished our pizza and beer we walked DS3 over to his dorm. The grass on the Donner green crunched under our feet. That is the beginning of the real Scranton winter.

Sunday morning we woke up to figure out that it was 10:20 in the morning. That explained the noise of the children swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel.  We had planned to attend mass at the U since Marywood’s Sunday mass time was changed to 4:00 pm today.  Needless to say, we did not get there. There was no way to get out of the hotel, pick up DS2 and drive across town and be there by 11 am. Instead, we went to the Sunday brunch at the Radisson hotel. Note to self, eat breakfast elsewhere. Why?  The brunch was excellent! Really good. But, the cost was 26.00 per person (in Scranton), ouch! I told the kids to back and have more to eat. They had everything, carving station, made to order omelets, chocolate fountains, unlimited mimosas.  Good, but just more expensive than I expected. I am more a diner person.

On the ride up we listened to the LSU – Georgia football game on Sirius. As LSU fans, the first quarter and a half were distressing. But they woke up and ran all over Georgia. Sunday driving home we listened to the Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati game on Sirius. Cincinnati got the snot beat out of them. Granted they shot themselves in the foot early and often, but they did not seem in the same league as Pittsburgh today.  Dinner was leftovers since neither of us were interested in a big meal or any elaborate meal preparation.

For pictures tonight, I will add a slide show of pictures shot this weekend. Enjoy!


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