A parade for me on post 158..

Well, not just for me. I had a few errands to run this morning and I found myself going onto Long Beach Island. Not for any reason mind you. I was out on a sunny day and not in a hurry to return home. When I got to LBI I saw signs that the annual Ship Bottom Christmas Parade was today, and starting in 30 minutes. I then realised I was out of touch. For the past five ish years we had one or two children marching in this parade. This year nobody is marching, and I did not even remember that the parade was coming up. Out of touch.

I have a www.ustream.com account. You have never heard of Ustream? The website allows you to broadcast streaming video from your computer, phone , whatever and have that video viewable in realtime in the web. This link will take you to my Ustreampage where you can see the videos from today. I also shot this picture

Ship Bottom Christmas Parade 2011

while watching the parade.

I am writing this in the afternoon since I am leaving to go north in about twenty minutes. I am leaving the computer home tonight. With the recent BSD episodes, maybe lugging it around is not the best idea. I will finish the post after the concert tonight on my phone.  The app for the phone is useful, but typing a lot on the phone keyboard is a chore. DS1 sent some video while I was at the parade. He is working the Wheeling Jesuit men’s and women’s basketball games today. I figured that his internship would have been over when the fall sports ended. I guess not. They have him for two more weeks and then they need to find a new intern.

And this morning that damn bird (affectionately called “Birdo” ) was working the windows pretty hard. He worked the kitchen window, the back porch slider, the front bay window and the front door. What could it want?  I haven’t a clue. It is entertaining though.  That is it for now. I have to get going. I will pick this up later from Scranton (hopefully).